Important Dental Insurance Information

Here are some commonly-presented questions and answers about dental insurance. For more information on dental insurance or dental care services in the Greenville, South Carolina area, call Caring Family Dentistry at (864) 271-3463 .

Do You Take My Insurance?

Caring Family Dentistry accepts dental insurance from all carriers, but dental insurance is only supplemental. Dental insurance only covers a portion of your care.

We are a part of the Delta Dental Network.

Annual Maximums

Dental plans usually include a maximum dollar amount that will be covered in a single year. Patients are responsible for paying costs above the maximum.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Certain conditions that existed before the patient enrolled in the dental insurance plan may not be covered. Patients are responsible for these uncovered costs.
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Treatment Exclusions

Depending on the patient's insurance plan, certain procedures or preventative measures may not be covered. Examples of procedures that may not be covered include sealants, implants, pre-existing conditions, and adult orthodontics.

Frequency Limitations

The terms of a dental plan may stipulate limits on certain procedures. One common example is of a patient who needs dental cleanings four times per year when the plan only covers two visits.

Comprehensive Alternative Treatments

Some dental plans may cover only the least expensive solution for a given condition. Your dentist may recommend a procedure for which there is a cheaper alternative, with your insurance covering only the cheaper procedure. Patients should base the use of their dental benefits on their specific needs, rather than the costs involved. In many situations, the less expensive procedure is not the best option for the patient.