Intraoral Cameras and Sedation Dentistry

Serving patients in Greenville, South Carolina, Caring Family Dentistry is dedicated to comfortable dental visit. We strive to provide every patient with the greatest dentistry experience possible. With that goal is mind, we offer the following services:

Intraoral Camera

Our high-tech intraoral dental camera allows patients to see what our dentist sees during an oral examination. This gives our patients and in-depth view of their oral health, which they may not have access to with other dental offices.

Air Abrasion

Similar to a sandblasting technique, oral abrasion is used to blow tooth decay away. Miniscule aluminum oxide particles are blown onto the tooth to remove decay with precision and allow small cavity repairs without the use of drills or shots.

Sedation Dentistry

Our dentist office provides sedation dentistry for those patients who are particularly anxious about dental visits. Sedation helps to make the dental visit more comfortable for the patient. The types of anesthesia available include:

Nitrous Oxide

The patient breathes in “laughing gas” to ease the stress and anxiety.

Oral Sedation

Dr. Johnson can administer an oral sedation pill that is more effective than nitrous oxide. The patient may not remember the entire procedure and someone will be required to drive the patient home afterward.
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